4Farmers was established due to the concern of WA farmers over the high cost of farm chemicals.

In particular the industry practice at the time of pricing according to the principal of “what the market will bear”, or more accurately “what the big suppliers thought farmers could bear”.

This practice enabled 4Farmers to import and supply Chlorsulfuron from China in 1995 for half the price of other suppliers at the time.

Thanks to the efforts of 4Farmers to provide low cost chemicals, farmers throughout Australia have been able to adopt a whole new range of crop protection strategies that were previously too costly to contemplate.

Innovation and Experience

With a management, distribution and support team that includes farmers, ex farmers and scientists, 4Farmers has a unique blend of practical experience and technical skills. Our information sheets provide not only product information, but in some cases practical advice on application and usage.

Local Knowledge and Community Support

Through our widespread network of over twenty local agents and distribution locations throughout W.A, S.A and Victoria, 4Farmers offers convenient and prompt service along with indispensable knowledge of local conditions.

As part of our commitment to rural communities, 4Farmers actively supports local sporting clubs and community groups throughout Australia.

Right Product, Right Price, Right Time

With a broad product range, a widespread distribution network of local agents and small, flexible management team, 4Farmers is well equipped to get the right product to the right place at the right time.

About 4Farmers