4FARMERS’ improved Flutriafol 500 formulation has been proven to have good compatibility when mixed with various products in the lab.

“We benchmarked 4Farmers Flutriafol against others and found it is at least as good as the next best product for compatibility,” said 4Farmers chemist Jonathan Wihardjo.

“Even mixing neat 4Farmers Flutriafol with Flexi-N worked.

“Though to make the mix more robust we suggest Flutriafol should be diluted with water.

“Certain products like Flexi NS are especially challenging to mix. In this situation Flutriafol definitely is best diluted with at least 50% water.

“While we have found 4Farmers Flutriafol to work well in the lab, farmers should double check their own mixes in their own conditions.”

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4Farmers improved Flutriafol formulation has good compatibility

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